Flexible Living Space in Modern Home Real Estate

Flexible Living Space – What People Want

People usually want a deal and want value whether they are shopping for cereal, a car, a power tool, a car or a home. The more use you can get out of something, usually the better value it is. I think that is one reason why the open floor plan is so popular. The homeowner can get more use out of each room if the flow of a residence is more organic.

You may notice that in newer family homes, the formal living room or dining room may be non-existent. People don’t formally entertain as much as they used to if at all. A formal room would be wasted space. The open floor plan melds the living, dining, kitchen and possibly other rooms together so the family can easily flow from one activity to the other and perhaps spend more time together.

Flexible space can also be found in outdoor rooms or patios, bonus rooms, lofts, mud rooms, offices or dens, sometimes located just off the entry door. A homeowner can create flexible space by removing an entire wall or widening a doorway from one room to the other; like from a family room into the kitchen. Something like this will instantly modernize a home and perhaps make it more desirable or easy to sell.

Flexible space allows you to enjoy more of your home, more of the time and in your own way!

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